Bandeau Digitalplace 2


Regional excellence

Four strategic drivers for one regional excellence.

Embedded intelligence

Embedded intelligence covers a large scope ranging from numeric sensors to mobile equipment, including critical systems. These cyber-physical systems interact, create a network and evolve. There is a growing use of such smart systems beyond industrial applications. Ambient intelligence is born.


Security for people, goods and systems

Security and safety systems in high-risk industries are crucial points in all industrial sectors. Data security in the cloud, personal and private data protection, e-health applications, intelligent transportation systems... The challenge is to understand, and consequently anticipate, measure and overcome security and safety breaches generated by system interdependences.


Collaborative functioning

We are living the emergence of the third industrial revolution with the development of virtual, remote and collaborative working solutions. Digital workspaces for information sharing, digital mock-up tools, new network-based practices used to develop a new form of work organization with 3 characteristics: ubiquity, collaboration and virtuality.


Technologies for new practices

In companies, careers evolve with technological contributions: e-health, teleworking, e-learning offer new services. For the citizens, the town 2.0 brings new digital customs: transportation optimization, flow mastering, e-tourism, and digital label systems...
New applications appear in all spheres of modern society.