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Workgroup: get ready for a fund raising

Creation and development of companies require financial contributions throughout the life cycle. Even if the raise of funds remains unpredictable, there are solutions which can be used but companies need to know what they are.

Financing commission of DigitalPlace organizes on December 6th at Entiore a workgroup open to businessmen and projects initiators on financing research.

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Regional Committee: "Syntec Numerique, aids for startups"

The Syntec Numérique and DigitalPlace are pleased to invite you to the Regional committee of Midi-Pyrénées. Theme will be"Syntec Numerique for startups". The event takes place on December 2nd at Casino Barriere of Toulouse (map)

Syntec-Numérique will show how can startups develop themselves and raise funds in order to start their activity, through a testimony and the national loan scheme (known as "Grand Emprunt") 

You can sign up by clicking here