Bandeau Digitalplace 2


Meeting DigitalPlace - Russian delegation

The international commission of DigitalPlace organized last Tuesday a meeting with a russian delegation composed by businessmen and representative of Research Centers and technological transfert.

Russia, first european country in number of Internet users, represents an important IT market for our firms, especially in telecommunications, software (banks, finance, web, technical softwares...) and embedded systems (aviation industry, car and railway industries) 

It was an opportunity for 4 local firms to present their technologies and to discuss about a possible collaboration in the future

  • Aeon Consulting: iPad applications (medical sector) and entertainment (IFE system)
  • Nexter electronics: embedded systems for vehicles
  • Phonitive:  iPad/iPhone applications
  • Spikenet: software of objects recognition

On russian side, the Russian It Group has introduced its projects; among them, a financing and billing software, a real time embedded software and iPad applications. 

Finally, DigitalInteractive showed us its real time management system for logistic and traceability.

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