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About Us

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) provide a basis for the digital revolution which shakes up our lives, the way we interact in our social life and the way we conduct business. ICT strongly accelerate sciences and technology progress, productivity and global development.

Growing at twice the pace of the French economy, the ICT industry represents today 6% of the European Union GDP and contributes to 50 % of the productivity gain in non-ICT economic sectors.

In addition, ICT industry research and product development investments are about three times higher than other industries.

This innovative ICT sector represents for our territory a major industrial, economic and social challenge. The Midi-Pyrénées region and the metropolitan area of Toulouse are already enrolled in this innovative dynamic.

Recognizing the strength of our regional and local ICT economy the French government has accredited DigitalPlace as an ICT industry cluster.

Our aim is to bring the Midi-Pyrénées to a leading position in terms of ICT. We will reach this goal by encouraging the emergence of pioneering start-ups, by contributing to the development of international champions and by promoting the innovation and technological excellence in our region.